The Baby Wrestler

I’m told that baby whisperers exist, but I’ve never seen one in action. I have, however, seen baby wrestlers in action all over the place. Perhaps being a baby whisperer is aspirational, while being a baby wrestler is actual. This blog is dedicated to those who have decided that they are brave enough to wrestle babies from the time they’re born until the time they’re high schoolers who can easily pin you, and the game changes a bit. I do hope that people understand that the title has nothing to do with physical violence or abuse of any kind, quite the contrary, it’s about how children will turn you upside down, and how to come to enjoy the world seen from that new perspective.

On a personal note, I had thought that my experience as a global troubleshooter for the United Nations had prepared me well for the job of being a man in charge of raising two children. The embarrassing degree to which I was sadly mistaken forms the narrative of this blog, and of my book, THE BABY WRESTLER.


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